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Betwenn the European and Asian continent, Turkey is bordered by the Black Sea to the north, the Aegean to the west and the Mediterranean to the south. It has a very rich past as evidenced by Istanbul. The city was successively capital of the East Empire and then of the Ottoman Empire. Sailing is the best way to discover the aegean coastline with its isles, beautiful beaches, lively resorts and many archaeological sites.

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4.4/5 - 148 reviews
June 2019
The boat was 7 years old but still in good condition. Sails, rigging, engine, deck, interior -- everything was intact. We had two problems: 1) The battery was nearly dead (held like 2 hours on minimal consumption after full charge) 2) The charting plotter just died at some point (stuck on one of the menu screens). The charter company did their best to help us. They came to Fethiye to meet us in the middle of our voyage and replaced the battery. Cruising around Fethiye Bay is fantastic! There's a lot of smalls coves with restaurants that have their own pier. The nature is beautiful. You can find a couple of ancient tombs cut in rock.
August 2018
Everything was as described! Boat and excellent services
August 2018
Eight of us had the boat for two weeks heading out from Marmaris up to Datça and then down to Fetiye. The boat isn't brand new but sails well and felt spacious for its size. We managed to fit all 8 of us on there without too much fighting :) The front cabins are pretty small but some of us slept on deck in the heat in any case. A few things to note that we didn't realise: - the air-conditioner only works when plugged into shore power - the additional gennaker we rented was of the sockless-variety which made the large deposit a bit more scary - the tender can take maybe 5-6 people at absolute most - the refrigeration will run the battery down over night if you're not careful All in all we had a fantastic holiday for good value and will be looking to do more soon.
July 2018
Well, to start, I did ask a million questions for months up until our arrival, but that was due mostly to 11 others coming with me who had questions of their own. I communicated with Marin & Ethem and they were both very nice. I think they were annoyed with all my questions but still answered me. We arrived and were greeted very nicely and sorted out last minute issues before getting on the boat. We were also greeted on the boat with the nicest crew and a full spread of fruit and drinks. The captain was so sweet and took me on a scooter to the pharmacy because I needed some medication. The only issue we had was on the first night when one of the deck crew was angry that we were back to the boat so late and didn't want to turn on the lights. It was 3 am and the marina was full of lights & music and dancing. One of my friends from another boat had to step in and talk to him and I think it was solved. He did warm up to us later and all was forgotten. We had Captain Serdar, Durmus, Umit, Fadime, Caner and Sabri. They laughed and had fun with us and were so very nice and full of smiles all the time. I know we kept them up late (we didn't want to but was told they had to stay up with us) but they were all great about it. They played us Turkish dance music and Caner "wowed" us with his meals every single day. The captain joined us for dinner on the last night and I know every one of us was so sad to leave. We will think of this trip and the crew for the rest of our lives and can't wait to do another one next year. We only wish we could do it on the same boat with the same people. Oh, the boat was beautiful and clean and comfortable and absolutely awesome!...Just like in the photos! We have no complaints...except for how expensive alcohol is in Turkey. LOL! It's not expensive at the bars or restaurants, but just at the market! I hope the crew was satisfied with our tip and we really appreciated them!
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