1. What licenses do I need to rent a boat?

Before you book a boat, it is essential to check with GlobeSailor if your navigation licenses or permits are valid in your navigation area. Only France and Ireland do not require you to have a license to rent a sailboat or catamaran. A nautical CV stating your experience you will be asked by the base manager. A valid license is however compulsory for all boats with motor power greater than 6HP. Please note that to rent a boat in Croatia, a VHF license (certificate of Restricted Radio Telephony) is mandatory, as well.

2. Rental: What is included and what not?

Rates quoted on the website www.theglobesailor.com are indicative. The availability and the final price of the boats will be sent on request. Our prices include: rental of the boat with all of his electronic and safety equipment and dinghy (tender) for sailboats and catamarans of 35ft and over. Also included are the instructions on departure, guides and navigation charts and technical assistance from the base, 7 days a week during your cruise.
Not included in our charter/rental rates: fuel, final cleaning of the boat, food, transport and transfer costs to/from the base, port taxes/fees, mooring costs, tourist taxes. Ask your GlobeSailor advisor for an estimate of these costs to define your budget.
Depending on the base and the boat, certain mandatory options must be added to the charter/rental rate. The list of these options is visible on each quote. Mostly it is the final cleaning of the boat and supplies (gas, stack, tea towels...)
You can also subscribe to other options to enhance your cruise: paddle, outboard engine of the dinghy, bedding, towels, full board, skipper, barbecue... Your GlobeSailor Your counsellor will provide you the complete list of options available.
To understand the total cost of your cruise - add the rental rate, options (mandatory or not) and your on-site fuel costs, port costs and food.

3. How does a cabin cruise work?

GlobeSailor now offers you the chance to embark on a cabin cruise with crew. This requires no sailing license or experience. Cabins usually accommodate 2 or 3 people and have a private bathroom. On board you will be welcomed by your professional crew, including your skipper who is in charge of sailing, and a hostess who prepares meals and looks after the passengers’ needs. Certain cabin cruises do not have a hostess or full board package so make sure to check carefully with your GlobeSailor advisor.

4. How can I be sure that my boat will be waiting in the port and in good condition?

Our job is to select the best boats for you to charter in over 180 destinations. We only work with professional rental companies that meet our standards of quality and services and have signed our collaboration charter. We audit regularly their base and their fleet and we ensure each year that they possess financial strength.
A satisfaction survey is sent to all our customers for their after their cruise. For each quote, you can read the opinion of former clients of the boat.
In the event that your boat is not seaworthy, due to damage from the previous rental for example, we will offer a similar or better boat, or a full refund for your rental.

5. Is my boat insured for the charter/rental?

All boats offered by GlobeSailor are insured and insured against all risks for the rental to a third person. You will however be asked to pay a deposit. This deposit is the amount of the insurance deductible, below which the insurer does not want to reimburse the owner of the boat for any "small" damage.
It is also possible for you to subscribe to the Excess Waiver Insurance. In case of a sea event, if your deposit is retained by the renter, it will be refunded by the insurance. GlobeSailor recommends to its customers to subscribe to this insurance with Ouest Assurances. Expect 4-5% of the rental amount for the cost of your damage waiver insurance. The insurance company also offers cancellation insurance and repatriation if necessary.

6. What are the payments to be made to confirm my reservation?

To confirm a boat rental, you should inform your GlobeSailor advisor who will put an option (block the boat) on the boat for a certain time until we receive your deposit.
The reservation will be considered final only after receiving your deposit (by bank transfer, PayPal or credit card), 30 to 50% of the total rental amount. A 100% deposit is required for all reservations made less than one month before departure.
The balance will be paid no later than one month before boarding, either directly to the base manager or to the GlobeSailor. Mandatory extras and options will be payable locally. Be sure to check with your advisor or the base manager prior to departure.

7. How does a rental with Skipper work? And with a Hostess?

In case you want to use the services of a skipper, be sure to inform your GlobeSailor advisor at the earliest opportunity. All skippers we offer are declared and have the necessary professional patent. In general they speak English fluently. If you have special requirements regarding the skipper, we thank you to inform us as soon as possible.
You remain in charge on board, but the skipper is responsible for navigation and safety on board. Feel free to participate in the manoeuvres by his side; he will be happy to teach you some navigation basics.
Regarding the sleeping arrangements, the skipper sleeps on board either in a separate cabin or in the common area (saloon). Obviously, he must be included in your meals, just as other team members.
You can count on about € 150 to € 300 Euros per day for the services of a skipper, depending on the destination.
Please note that the skipper is neither in charge of cooking nor washing dishes. Upon request, a hostess (or a cook) can prepare meals, clean the saloon area, your cabins and generally ensure that the boat is tidy.

8. How to arrange the transfer from the airport to the boat and my provisioning on board?

After your booking, the base manager will contact you to arrange your cruise. Remember to notify your arrival time. A taxi or a minibus usually chartered by the base will take you to the boat (payment on site).
Regarding your provisioning, know that some supermarkets offer on board delivery service. Some rental companies may also send you a complete provisioning list so that your groceries/supplies are delivered on board on arrival. Check with the base manager or your GlobeSailor advisor.

9. What are the embarkation and disembarkation times?

In the Mediterranean, most sailboat or catamaran rentals are always from Saturday to Saturday, for one reason - optimization of schedules.
Check-in is usually done on Saturday afternoon. The base manager will often ask you to return to the port the following week on Friday night to be ready for disembarking on Saturday morning. The technical team and cleaning team will then need to prepare the boat for the following clients. Weekly charter/rental is shortened by half a day to give some time for the base to intervene between each charter/rental.
In other destinations, the charter/rental is not necessarily seven days long nor Saturday to Saturday and boarding takes place usually around 12pm.

10. What about the cruise itinerary?

Once you have booked a boat, make sure you define with your crew an appropriate navigation route in advance. Ask your GlobeSailor advisor for some itinerary ideas for a 7 or 14 day cruise. Please mind that your itinerary can be modified depending on weather conditions and wind, but anyhow by planning ahead you'll have a better idea of ​​the sail plan and the necessary stops. If you are sailing with a professional skipper, you will make plans with him. We advise to consider skipper’s advices as they know the navigation area very well and the best anchorages.

11. What happens if I need to cancel my cruise?

If you wish to make a cancellation, you should contact your GlobeSailor advisor as soon as possible.
For a cabin cruise: Whatever the circumstances, you will be charged the following cancellation fees, depending on when the cancellation is made: up to 90 days before departure = 25%; 89 to 60 days before departure = 50%; 59 to 30 days before departure = 75%; 29 days or less before departure = 100% of the total cost of your booking.
For a bareboat or crewed charter: Your payment is usually retained by the base. However if the boat is eventually rented during the same period by another client then your payment may be refunded to you, minus a 10% cancellation fee.
We recommend that you sign up for cancellation insurance with your personal insurance provider.

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